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How to get rid of Fatigue and Weakness without loosing Glowing Skin Beauty

How Health Affects Beauty: Diet and Skin Health

It’s an unshakable truth that when it comes to outstanding beauty, some of us have more of a head start than others. But when you come to think about it, true beauty is not just a matter of having a pretty face. It’s much, much more. It’s having sparkle and vitality, poise, serenity and confidence. It’s the radiance that comes from good health. Yes, it’s simple as that. Health and beauty go hand in hand throughout your life. So if you wish to make the most of yourself, this is where you start.

Healthy mind in a healthy body rule

Right now—take a cool look at your attitude of mind. Are you alive to the world around you and always eager to take a fresh look at life? Do you try to be positive rather than negative? Optimistic rather than pessimistic ? Do you keep up with what’s new and what’s news?

Are you willing to try something different, whether it’s a new hobby, a new make-up, or a new route to the shops? Boredom shows: it’s a lack-lustre look to your eyes, and a downward droop to your mouth. And it mars beauty. So if you can just take an interest in- well, taking an interest, to start with! Even that’s a beginning to give your looks a boost. Looking after your health does not involve feeling your pulse every five minutes. But it does mean that you give a little thought to getting plenty of exercise and fresh air, the right sort of foods, and special care to problems that may arise after sickness. Plus sufficient rest, of course. ‘Plenty of exercise

Exercise need not be the same as exercises, it can be walking, cycling, dancing, swimming, playing tennis and, for a house-wife, a good day’s housework! Everyone needs daily exercise in the fresh air. Walk to the shops instead of always hopping on a bus, or take a stroll round the block before you sit down to watch television. There is no need to go mad about exercise; to feel that unless you take a walk at a speed of twenty miles an hour you might as well not have bothered. Rushing at it—especially if you haven’t been particularly energetic—can do more harm than good. Take it easily to begin with, a little at a time, and then increase the amount.

`The right sort of foods

Diet plan: Healthy diet chart for glowing skin

A balanced diet gives you the right sort of foods. This means that you eat some protein, fats and carbohydrates, and get the correct ration of vitamins and minerals. Most of the foods we eat are made up of several components. Very few belong to only one group, but here is a brief guide to the main groups.

How to improve skin complexion fast naturally

There are some foods to improve skin complexion:

  1. Green, leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, collard greens etc
  2. Dairy products like yogurt, cheese, milk etc
  3. Protein foods like eggs, fish, meat etc
  • Including protein rich food like Fish/ Chicken/ Eggs is must for improving skin complexion.

  • Try to include leafy vegetables like sprouts, beans, broccoli, celery, spinach etc in your daily diet.

  • If you are fond to drinking tea try to have green tea instead or regular black tea.

  • Berries, cucumbers, pomegranate, carrots, citrus fruits must be included in diet for better skin complexion.

  • Take juices mentioned below along with peach juice and watermelon which are great for skin.

  • Along with all diet regular healthy exercises like yoga and some normal workout is necessary to keep the body healthy from within.

Juice for glowing skin and hair

  1. Carrot juice
  2. Peach juice
  3. Watermelon juice
  4. Cantaloupe juice

Proteins: Good sources are meat, fish, eggs, cheese and milk. Other sources are beans, peas, green vegetables and bread. These are the body-building foods.

Fats: Butter, margarine, lard, cheese, eggs and milk, animal and vegetable oils, and nuts are the main sources of fat in the diet. Also various meats and fishes. Fats provide energy and can be stored by the body.

Carbohydrates are found in bread, cakes, pastry, starch, potatoes, pasta, rice, sugar. They supply energy and can be stored by the body in the form of fat.

Vitamins are complicated substances, but they are necessary for good health. They have alphabetical names:

Vitamin A is found in milk, fat, butter and cheese; it is added to margarine. There’s a good deal in liver and fish oils, such as cod liver oil, and green and yellow vegetables. Vitamin A is necessary for keeping healthy the lining tissues of the body, the eyes and the skin.

Vitamin D is present in butter and cheese as well, and is also added to margarine. Liver and liver oils are rich sources, and the body also gets it through the skin—from sunshine. It is necessary for preventing rickets and important in pregnancy and for nursing mothers. A variety of vitamins make up what is called the Vitamin B complex. They are found in meat, milk, cereals, liver, wheat germ, yeast, and some amounts are found in most foods. They are important for preventing skin ailments, tummy upsets, mental upsets and anaemia.

Vitamin C is to be found in most vegetables and fruits, particularly oranges, blackcurrants, lemons, rose-hip syrup. This is vital for preventing scurvy. Care must be taken not to lose this vitamin through over-cooking and using too much water when cooking. There are other vitamins, but these are the most important ones. Some people think that they are the answer to all their problems and buy them by the boxful to supplement their diet. But an excess of Vitamins A and D can be harmful. So the only person who should decide if you have a vitamin deficiency is your doctor.

Minerals are another important element in our diet. There should be traces of copper, zinc and magnesium, and also sodium (to prevent cramp), calcium (for bones and teeth), iron (for the blood, preventing a form of anemia), and iodine (vital for the thyroid). There’s sodium in common salt; calcium in milk, cheese and bread; iron in meat, eggs and dark-green vegetables; iodine in fish and sea foods. A good balanced diet will give you as much as you need of all these nutrients, and is therefore important for your health.

`Feeling tired’

What does fatigue feel like

This is one of the commonest symptoms with which the doctor has to deal, and also an enemy of beauty. There are two kinds of fatigue. First, there is the type that is the normal response of the body to strenuous physical activity; this serves as a warning that the time has come to rest. All of us, for instance, after a brisk country walk or a game of tennis, have enjoyed this healthy fatigue, and often because of it we then sleep the ‘sleep of the just’.

But the second kind of fatigue occurs without the excuse of vigorous exercise. The doctor’s first job is to find out if his patient’s fatigue is caused by physical illness. Any feverish illness causes tiredness; so does anaemia. The latter is one of the com-monest causes of fatigue in women—the result of heavy periods—and some of them suffer unnecessary fatigue for years, when the problem might have been solved promptly by a simple blood test and the prescription of an iron tonic. Of course, there are other causes of anaemia, but your doctor and the laboratory, between them, can solve this problem.

Backache is another common cause of fatigue, so is the menopause. Tiredness and irritability can also occur just before and at the onset of menstruation. Being overweight makes you tire more easily—this is not surprising as it means virtually supporting part of another person all day long! It’s worth remembering that a dose of ‘flu (or some similar virus infection) is normally followed by several days of weakness, and you should also be prepared for the accompanying depression. Both should soon disappear, but if they persist, consult your doctor, who can offer real help. One subtle cause of fatigue, often overlooked, is working in badly ventilated rooms. Especially in these days of central heating, it is essential to make sure that your rooms have adequate inlets and outlets of air—short of creating draughts. Don’t go for long periods without food. Waiting for the family to come in for the evening meal can lower the amount of sugar in your blood below normal needs, which may make you feel weak and faint. There are many other physical disorders that are accompanied by fatigue, most of them innocent in nature and easily cured, providing your doctor is given the opportunity to investigate your problem.

Fatigue treatment

Having dismissed purely physical causes, let’s look at the other, and probably commoner, ones. These include faulty routine, with too little sleep; boredom; and fatigue as a symptom of some emotional disturbance. It may seem unnecessary to mention that you need adequate sleep, but it’s surprising how many women don’t get enough. You don’t really need a doctor to tell you how catastrophic this can be! Your body and mind need about seven or eight hours’ rest.

Extreme fatigue symptoms

  • Experiencing weakness,
  • Experiencing lack of energy,
  • Experiencing lack of motivation,
  • Feel like constantly tired or exhausted,
  • May face difficulty in concentration,
  • and difficulty starting and completing regular tasks

Fatigue can also he caused by going hard at it throughout the day, without any interlude of rest. Experts have proved that the most efficient way of working -with both mind and body is to have brisk spurts of activity followed by short rests. So, if possible, allot certain times when you can sit down for a few minutes, relaxing both mind and body. This can be difficult when small children are clamouring for attention, but you can choose a time when they are playing or sleeping. Also, don’t try to do more than one pair of hands can do in a day!

Sudden extreme fatigue and weakness

The weariness many women complain about is, of course, not true physical fatigue. The amount of energy used up in housework rarely exceeds 2,200 calories. (Naturally, if you are on a very rigid reducing diet, this amount of work will make you tired, so you shouldn’t remain on such a diet without medical advice.) But people weary rapidly of monotonous jobs. So, when you are bored, your mind wrongly interprets this physical fatigue. Boredom is one of the housewife’s worst enemies. As soon as job becomes interesting, you may find you can continue almost indefinitely. How, then, can you make your everyday chores more interesting? There is, of course, the incentive of purpose. What you are doing is presumably for love of your family and there’s always satisfaction in the knowledge that you are, by your own efforts, making life good for them. But your efforts can be made more interesting by varying your approach by trying new types of cooking, for instance, there is also a real need to have a hobby of some kind. Did oil know that the colours of your surroundings can influence the way you feel, and that working with colour can be therapeutic, too? Many housewives have taken to painting pictures for amusement in the evenings, timidly at first, but after successful start this has given them an added purpose in life. Boredom may also be relieved by listening to the radio.

Deciding Between a Dermatologist and an Aesthetician

According to the psychologists, when fatigue is due to emotional causes it is an unconscious rebellion against activity, The purpose of fatigue–like that of pain- —is one of self preservation not just against physical injury, but also against loss of self-esteem. Fatigue gives an apparently physical excuse for avoiding an unwelcome situation. There is a strong relationship between this sort of fatigue and anxiety. All this happens on a subconscious level.

Fatigue causes and treatment

Fatigue is an important early symptom of depression and may even mask the underlying depression. It’s important that we should be aware of this, because the depression itself needs help and can nowadays be treated effectively with anti-depression tablets (taken only on medical advice). A final important word of caution: If you’re fatigued, do not resort to ‘pep’ pills unless your doctor prescribes them. Not only can this be as useless as whipping a tired horse, but it can also have more serious results. It’s much more logical to help your doctor to find the underlying cause of your fatigue, so that he can treat this correctly and restore you to your normal state of energy.

What does fatigue feel like in early pregnancy

  • Expecting unexplained weight loss,
  • rise of new masses or lumps maybe anywhere in the body,
  • Suffering fever, especially greater than 101 F (or 38.3 C),
  • Facing abnormal vaginal bleeding,
  • Or extreme pain anywhere in the body.

Sometimes a spell of sickness can play short-time havoc with your health and create beauty problems. It can affect your skin, your hair or your teeth, for instance. Don’t hesitate to seek the right expert’s advice if this should happen. Falling hair can be tackled by your doctor and a trichologist; your dentist will be able to advice on any dental problems. Give your teeth and gums a fair chance by eating plenty of foods that need chewing—they need that to keep healthy and strong. Apples, carrots, celery, nuts, salads—they all have a scouring action, keep the jaw muscles active and strengthen the gums. Try to end a meal with them if you can. Cleaning teeth regularly is important—especially last thing at night. And don’t have anything to eat afterwards. Clean your teeth with an up- and downward movement on the outer and inner surfaces. And a twice-yearly check-up with the dentist should be a permanent appointment. If your teeth are not your best feature, remember that cosmetic dentistry is an art that is far more widespread than it has ever been. In some circumstances it is obtainable under the National Health Service. Beauty problems can often be closely allied to medical ones, and in such cases it’s the doctor who should be asked for advice rather than the beauty specialist (though in a consultation the latter will, of course, advise if she thinks that the doctor should be seen). Doctors today have, thank goodness, a sympathetic understanding of how problems that are connected with the way she looks can affect a woman’s morale, and will give every assistance in their power. A doctor’s advice should always be obtained before the removal of a mole, for instance. Birth marks, strawberry marks or naevi can be concealed with special cosmetics made for this purpose. (Innoxa is one manufacturer with such a range.) Small spider-like marks can sometimes be cured with diathermy treatment. But there is no general rule about these. It is your own doctor who must make the decision as to what action should be taken in your case. So if there are any health problems that need attention, get them seen to now. Then turn your mind to the beauty routine to suit you best. Soon you’ll look as well as you’ll feel.

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