Latest French Moustache Styles For Men 2017

Latest French Mustache Styles for Men 2017

French mustaches are very much popular and are well known for their styles. We all are very familiar with one of the most commonly used style by countrymen that is French cut. But there is more different kind of mustache styles that can be adopted, because everyone of us have different face structure therefore same type of beard and mustache style doesn’t suits everyone of us. Let’s first have a look on the type of facial structure we all can have, because before adopting any mustache style one must know his facial structure.

Types of face shapes Men 

Square Face Men – Square face men are those faces which are mostly loved by everyone. There are different kinds of beard and moustache that easily fits on square face men. So if you have a square face no need to worry because you will get different varieties of style for your beard and moustache.


Round Face Men – Round face is also a variety in face shape style, generally asian men have round face but round faces men can also be seen in different parts of world. Round face men have limited choice in beard and moustache but still they can enjoy some of the most unique style in all of them.


Oblong Rectangular Face Shape men – Oblong Rectangular Face Shape men are cute and can easily adopt different kind of beard and moustache styles. Oblong Rectangular Face Shape men have a beautiful jawline which makes them more handsome and therefore they can have different styles in beard.


Oval Face Men


Triangular Face Men


Mustache and beard styles are the most ironic symbols of manhood. From the earlier past era to now we all have seen various types of styles which keep on changing time to time. For a good looking mustache you need to do experiment with your face or just follow any of your favorite celebrity with good looks. Here below in this article you will discover 20 Best Beard Styles for Men in 2017.

Adolf Hitler French Famous Beard Mustache Style ♏

Adolf Hitler with his dictatorship accent managed to rule over many people for years. Adolf Hitler had a very masculine and dominating look due to his unique mustache style. He was so proud and fascinated with his mustache that he had even restricted other people from copying his style.

Art Gale Heavy American Mustache ♏

Art Gale heavy American mustache is symbol of manliness. This type of beard also reflects a man character to be bold, tough and clever. To achieve this style one need to grow full mustache & beard for 4 to 5 months, then shave in similar shape as above. Other method is to start giving shape to your beard right from the beginning and keep shaving in same style for 10 to 12 months at least. Even after 1 year you need continuous weekly shaving to the chin areas leaving the one which is in shape to continue this style for years.

Baxter Black Cowboy style Mustache ♏

Long Curved End Mustache ♔ ♏

Stylish handlebar mustache ♏

Charlie Chaplin French Mustache ♏


Medium Sharp Mustache ♏

Famous English Mustache pacifier ♏

Chinese Pencil Style Mustache (short & long) ♏

Gene Shalit Mexican Mustache Style ♏

Medium Pencil Mustache style ♏

Sheamus Mustache Style ♏

Extra Long Mustache ♏

Indian Mustache Style ♏

Heavy Mustache With Beard ♏

American Type’s Of Mustaches ♏

Johnny Depp Mustache ♏


Johnny Depp Mustache is a very common but yet looks effective in style. One needs to grow a normal moustache & goatee along with it. It takes around 3 months to get a smooth moustache pointing downward. You should also clean your rest of facial hair except the style regularly.

Justin Bieber Mustache Facial Hair Style ♏


Justin Beiber maintains a really cool looking moustache which is liked by millions and many people want to copy that style. Boys in their maturity phase if don’t touch razor for cleaning their facial hair, they can keep this Justin Beiber style for a long time using scissors and VLU trimmers.









The Horseshoe Mustache Style ♏

All the above styles are more than anyone need for their style. Trends keep on changing so keep yourself updated with the latest mustache style. But don’t forget to follow what suits your style.

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