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Best lower back stretches for pain relief

Our Body spine, which starts from our shoulders to below the chest, and is a highly mobile part of our back that helps us in lot of ways like rotate, reflex and extend in various directions we want to. Some of the improper posture or activities that pull the upper and lower part of our back, such as long hours sitting on the computer and long hours working on desk in office can cause the thoracic spine to become tight which results in pain and improper posture; in some of the cases it is noticed that flexibility is decreased, and your movements and range of motion can become compromised. Regularly including stretches that elongates the spine in your fitness program can help you to maintain flexibility and improve your back health.  One of the best and most comfortable ways to stretch your entire spine and its muscles is to lie down on a slant board with your feet anchored at the high end of the board. Remember steeper the incline of the board, the greater the pull on your spine. Your back discs will expand, and pressure on joints and nerves will be relieved. Your body will become vibrantly alive with a new flow of blood and nerve impulses.

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Upper Spine Pain

Your upper and Middle back pain may be caused due to several issues for example overuse off your back, muscle strain or injury to the muscles, problem in your ligaments and disc that support your spine. All this may arise due to poor posture overtime.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Apply ice or heat to the affected area for quick relief. Applying Ice or heat directly to the affected area of your back spine can help you to decrease swelling and inflammation, and also provide comfort. There are many theories prove that heat is more beneficial than ice for the lower back pain issue, heat works by dilating blood vessels.

Lower Back Pain Causes

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Incline the board (a plank that’s about one inch thick, 12 inches wide, and seven feet long) up on a table or some other fairly high surface. Secure your feet with a strap and lie on the board perfectly relaxed. You’ll be able to feel the pull on your spine. Most doctors recommended the slant board for overweight problems who complain about backache issues most along with, abdominal pains, leg numbness, dizziness, and a variety of other symptoms of unknown origin. Lying on the board for about ten minutes a couple of times each day relieves all of your problems, and it did help a lot when a half-dozen other treatments had no effect at all on your spine and back pain. Reversing the effects of gravity simply relieved postural strains and removed pressure on nerves, blood vessels, and organs. Everyone should lie down on a slant board occasionally for the benefit of their body. The effects might be helpful in reversing the aging process but it is confirm that it prevents back pain and gives a proper massage to your back. It might also be a good idea to hang from a chinning bar or a tree limb occasionally. Just grip the bar with both hands and hang as relaxed as you can for a few seconds. This will give your body specially your back a little stretch and thus adds up in your daily exercise. Female are very much recommended all or at least one of these methods shown above because they need to give proper exercise to their back as they are more sensitive and needs care in form of stretch and exercise to keep strong.

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