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Why can’t I find love? Know the mistakes you could be doing

There can be lots of reason you are unable to find love. All you need is to perceive the right reason and work to fix that one. Finding the desired partner can be little bit tough but with patience and true will nothing is impossible. Here below are few of the common causes that may be keeping you single:-

For Men ❤

Primary Things

  • You are shy to talk to a girl
  • You are so proud and full of attitude
  • You have at least average height (Girls like tall guyz)
  • You live untidy
  • Bad sense of clothing
  • How you treat girls
  • No need to be handsome average looks work

Above are some common things that girls check in their guy. There are many more causes but they all are particular which depends on girl likes and dislikes for example:-

Secondary Things

  • Are you rich?
  • Are you handsome?
  • Most of girls like good beard
  • They also love smart and intelligent guy
  • Don’t be a player

These are secondary things that girls love to checkout but if you have passed the first phase that is primary things you are good to go and win your girl heart. No need to be super smart and handsome even with an average look you can win any girl heart even the prettiest one. Many men think they are not suitable for their girl as they are not as handsome as other guys. This is the biggest mistake that most of men do which result in losing their first love crush. Whenever you like a girl check for all the primary things in yourself first and then don’t wait to tell her your feeling.

You can also start your love journey step by step if you think it would be so much earlier to propose her. Start with common friendship and spend time together, let her know you better first.

Friendship Formula (90% time working)

  • Check yourself first for all primary things
  • Start friendship with your girl you want to make girlfriend
  • 15 to one month is enough time to impress her with your talks, behavior and other things
  • Start making her feel special – slow by slow | step by step, right from the friendship stage
  • Give her importance and listen carefully whatever she talks with you. Remember all important things she tells like some dates, relations, family, like – dislikes etc
  • Before doing final propose – try to hint her so that she could expect you coming ❤
  • All the best – she will definitely say yes

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